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FAQ and Safety Instructions

Return Policy

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How do I care for my wooden rattle? 

When needing to clean, wipe clean with a damp cloth and soap. To keep your rattle in the best shape, it is recommended to continue to condition your rattle every couple of months with a polish that is food-grade and non-toxic. Each rattle comes pre-conditioned with a non-toxic beeswax and olive oil conditioner; however, with chewing and saliva present it wears away over time and can leave the wood of the rattle vulnerable. 

Teether Safety

Inspect the item upon arrival and before each use. Never leave your babe unattended or unsupervised with their teether. Do not allow babe to sleep with teething ring.  Inspect teether including knots and beads often. Discard at first signs of wear and tear. 

For Freezer-Teethers, be sure to chill them in the freezer for a short period of time (up to 30 minutes) instead of leaving to freeze for hours as babies can get frostbite on gums or fingers on things that have been frozen for long periods of time.