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About Us

Hi, I'm Caroline and I'm the maker and creator behind everything you see at Minimalist Babes! During my last pregnancy with my babe Jude, I started wanting to create lasting memories of toys that were made with intention and love. I wanted to inspire open-ended play and have montessori-style educational toys. I wanted to create baby products that pulled away from plastics and bright colours, instead using materials like wood and incorporating earth tones. From here, I started learning, experimenting and working, and spent the rest of my pregnancy focused on creating a space for my babe that was intentional. Like most people who are entrepreneurs--I didn't set out to start a new business, but it just sort of found me and it has been such a treat to grow + create! I'm so excited for the future and all the new products in the works! Thank you for joining me here!

Photo by E. Baker Photography